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How to Optimize the Field Technician’s Time Management Using FieldAx Scheduler

In time the latest technology is currently developing and increasing uses the best field service management applications. Generally tracking time for field technicians can be tricky for more field service companies. Most field service businesses have an intense interest in time management for their employees. Time management serves many purposes particularly with logging hours for billing and payroll. When an employee reports to a single location works there all day, logging hours is a pretty straightforward task.

However, HVAC techs, plumbers, electricians, and other field service pros spend their day in the field, often performing services for several different clients. Fieldax, indeed an accurate timekeeper that allows managers to easily monitor each technician’s time tracked per job. As a result, get a clear distinction between payroll time and actual time. They can adjust the schedule and optimize the field workforce using this information. Meanwhile time management also minimizes the chances of logs being misplaced. In fieldax quick schedule option is simple to use and also eliminates the need to maintain physical logs of every technician working on a project.

Our Value Propositions in Time Management

  • Keep track of the time spent by each worker on a project.
  • Reduces the paper logs with the simple, accurate interface.
  • Thirdly, Increase the safety of the workers by knowing when they get off the equipment before taking further steps.
  • Overall, automate the payroll system by taking data directly.
  • Cost benefits analysis.
  • Benchmarking the time for each activity.

Below are the ways you can keep your technicians on time: –

Effective Scheduling:

Scheduling mistakes of a business organization might affect the performance and productivity of business. Fieldax  scheduler  significantly makes the task easy, simple, it ensures perfection and accuracy. Field technician time management will consider factors in detail like holidays, leaves, time gap between two jobs, work site distance and even more.

Enhanced consumer demand:

Nowadays, the customers and prospects demand a lot of improved or enhanced services. Firstly, an active on-call policy must be maintained. Thereafter match the skills of a technician and expertise with the job. Thirdly, geographical area and its cluster assignment and lastly flexible planning help you improvise the events as required or needed.

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