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Simplify Your Job Management

Effortlessly manage your jobs from start to finish with FieldAx. Streamline your job scheduling, assignment, tracking, and completion processes with our user-friendly software

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Effortless Job Management

“FieldAx: Effortless Job Management” highlights how FieldAx simplifies the task of job management for businesses, making it easy to handle various aspects of job assignments, scheduling, and tracking. The software streamlines job management processes, enabling businesses to operate smoothly and efficiently. It’s a concise way to convey that FieldAx takes the hassle out of job management for its users.

Control Your Job Views with Ease

FieldAx empowers you to effortlessly manage your job views, offering multiple perspectives to tailor your experience. Customize your job view settings and gain control over your job management like never before.

Efficient Kanban View for Streamlined Job Management

FieldAx provides a Kanban view that simplifies your job management process. Easily visualize and manage your workflow, tasks, and job statuses with our intuitive Kanban view.

FieldAx Dispatcher Control

Quick Dispatch for Seamless Technician Assignment

FieldAx enables you to swiftly assign technicians to jobs without the need to switch to the dispatch board. Streamline your technician assignment process with quick dispatch and get jobs assigned faster and more efficiently

Smart Part Recommendations for Job Efficiency

FieldAx's intelligent system recommends the right parts based on job types, ensuring that your technicians have the necessary components to complete their tasks efficiently. Boost job performance and streamline parts management with FieldAx's part recommendation feature.

Efficient Job Execution with Preconfigured Checklists

FieldAx simplifies job execution with preconfigured checklists tailored to specific job types. Ensure consistency and accuracy in your field operations by using checklists designed to meet the unique requirements of each job

Streamlined Parts Request and Inventory Management

With FieldAx, managing parts and trunk stock is as easy as a few clicks. Technicians can quickly request necessary parts and add them to their inventory with minimal effort, ensuring they have the right materials to complete their jobs efficiently.

Effortless Trunk Stock Management

FieldAx allows technicians to effortlessly consume parts directly from the trunk stock, ensuring that they have easy access to the materials they need to complete their jobs on the field. This streamlined process simplifies inventory management and keeps technicians well-equipped.

Effortless Time and Travel Tracking

FieldAx empowers technicians with a quick and intuitive way to log their travel and labor timings. This feature simplifies the process of tracking work hours and travel durations, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in recording essential job-related data. With FieldAx, your technicians can effortlessly manage their time entries, ensuring precise reporting and seamless workflow management.

Streamlined Return Order Initiation

FieldAx offers a convenient feature that enables technicians to initiate return orders directly from the field for replaced items. This streamlines the return process, ensuring that replaced parts or equipment are efficiently managed and returned to your inventory. With FieldAx, your field technicians can seamlessly handle return orders, enhancing the overall efficiency of your operations

Real-Time Freight Status Tracking

FieldAx allows you to effortlessly track the status of your product requests and return orders' freight directly on the job. Stay informed in real-time about the whereabouts and delivery progress of your items, ensuring efficient logistics management. With FieldAx, you gain visibility into your freight operations, helping you make informed decisions and enhance overall productivity.

Service Report Preview and Attachment

FieldAx empowers you to preview service reports and seamlessly attach them to the job for future reference. This feature ensures that all essential information, documentation, and insights are readily accessible, streamlining your record-keeping and facilitating efficient job management. With FieldAx, you can maintain a comprehensive history of each job, promoting transparency and accountability

Email Notifications for Customers

FieldAx ensures effective communication with your customers by sending them timely notifications whenever there's a change in job status or upon final completion. Stay connected with your clients throughout the service process, providing them with real-time updates and enhancing their overall experience. With FieldAx, customer satisfaction is at the forefront of your field service management.

SMS Notifications for Customers

FieldAx offers seamless job alert SMS notifications for customers. Keep your clients informed and engaged by sending them instant updates about their service appointments, job progress, and completion status via SMS. Enhance customer satisfaction and communication efficiency with FieldAx's SMS notification feature

Email Job Service Reports Effortlessly

With FieldAx, you can effortlessly send job service reports via email. Share detailed service reports, job summaries, and important information with your clients directly through email for their convenience and your records.

Capture Job Progress with Before and After Photos

FieldAx empowers you to document job progress effectively by capturing before and after photos. Ensure transparency and provide visual evidence of your work to clients and for your records

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