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Latest Release-Mazhai ‘23

Date: 1st Nov, 2023


We are pleased to introduce the latest release of FieldAx, featuring a variety of new functionalities,
improvements, and bug fixes. This documentation provides a comprehensive overview of the changes
brought about by this release.

What’s New?

  1. Date Picker on Dispatch Board
    Users now have the ability to select any date in the Dispatch board, offering increased flexibility in

    Date Picker on Dispatch Board

  2. Search Bar Functionality
    A search bar feature has been added to facilitate the quick location of Service Engineers on the
    dispatch board, streamlining the assignment process.

    Search Bar Functionality

  3. Regional Grouping
    Service Engineers can now be grouped by their respective regions on the dispatch board, providing a
    clearer overview.
  4. Expanded Dispatch Board Views
    Dispatch board views have been enriched with Daily, Weekly, 2-Weeks, and optionally Monthly
    options, allowing for better planning and visualization.

    Easy Assigning job

  5. Customizable Filter for Job Queue
    The job queue on the dispatch board now features dynamic columns, offering more flexibility in

    Choosing Region

  6. Enhanced Calendar for Service Engineers
    Service engineers’ calendars on the dispatch board now incorporate additional appointments
    alongside their assigned jobs.


  7. Heightened Assignment Visibility
    The height of assignments on the dispatch board has been raised for improved visibility and clarity.
  8. Region Mapping Visibility
    Service engineers’ visibility on the dispatch board is determined by the start and end dates of their
    region mappings, preventing simultaneous assignments to multiple regions.
  9. Improved Parts Consumption
    Users now have the option to input the replaced item when consuming parts for the required returned

    Consume Parts

  10. Customer Signature with Feedback
    Field Service Engineers can now collect customer signatures with feedback upon closing a job,
    enhancing customer engagement.


  11. Inventory Creation with Initial Stock
    During the creation of new inventory, users can add available stock, resulting in the creation of
    inventory with initial stock levels.
  12. Hover Functionality
    Placing the mouse cursor over the assigned job reveals additional information according to the
    customer’s requirement, improving job visibility.

    Release Notes

  13. Customizable Text Color
    The text color of assigned jobs on the dispatch board is now customizable, allowing users to
    personalize their display.
  14. Reduced Dispatch Board Loading Time
    The loading time of the dispatch board has been significantly reduced, enhancing overall efficiency.
  15. New Reports
    ● Reports displaying ‘Parts Stock Summary’ and ‘Parts Moving Average’ are now available on
    the product page.
    ● A report showcasing Customer feedback for the Field Service Engineers has been introduced.

Features Improved

    • Inventory Section Enhancement
      The ‘Return Required’ checkbox has been moved to the Inventory section for better organization.
    • Alphabetical Order for Service Engineers
      The Field Service Engineer list is now organized in alphabetical order on the Dispatch board,
      facilitating easier navigation.
    • Streamlined Job Generation
      Screen sequence for generating a job from a Service Plan has been improved for a more seamless
      user experience.

Known Issues

Our development team is actively investigating these issue.

  • At times, the lines in the week and two-week calendar on the dispatch board may not display
  • Pagination for the Part Transfer feature is not accurate.
  • The start date and end date in assignments are not being updated when rescheduling assignments in the dispatch board. The correct information is displayed only after refreshing the page.
  • The dispatch board does not take into account the time zone for the service engineer membership with region.

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