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Prior Estimations Before Technician Dispatch

Obtaining an estimate before dispatching technicians is a foundational practice in field service management. It ensures that businesses operate efficiently, deliver quality service, and maintain a healthy financial outlook

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Estimate First

Dispatch Smart

Your Path to Efficient Field Service Management

Discover the power of estimates and how they can transform your field service operations.

Comprehensive Estimation:

Includes Labor, Travel, and Parts

FieldAx takes estimating to the next level by allowing you to add not only parts but also labor and travel hours. This comprehensive approach ensures that your estimates are accurate, reflecting the complete scope of work involved in a job.

Tailored Pricing:

Different Price Lists for Different Customers

FieldAx empowers you to customize your pricing strategy by allowing the use of different price lists for various customers. This flexibility ensures that you can cater to the unique needs of each customer segment, optimizing your approach to pricing and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Estimate Customization:

Craft Your Brand with Unique Estimate Templates

FieldAx goes beyond standard templates, offering you the ability to create and customize your own estimate templates. Utilize custom HTML code to tailor estimates to match your brand identity, ensuring a professional and cohesive representation that aligns seamlessly with your business.

Effortless Estimate Delivery:

Send Estimates Instantly via Email

With FieldAx, streamline your communication by sending estimates to clients with just a click. Enhance efficiency and ensure prompt delivery of estimates directly to your clients' inboxes, simplifying the entire estimation process.

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