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Customer 360

Everything about Customer in one view

Access comprehensive customer details at a glance with our user-friendly interface, facilitating efficient and informed business decisions.

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Customer 360

Equipment Overview

Access detailed information about your installed equipment, including the location of installation, installation date, and the on-site technician responsible for the installation.

Contacts Overview

Retrieve details about the designated contact person for the customer, including their roles and responsibilities, and communicate with them promptly.

AMC Overview

Locate the Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) details for your equipment and schedule necessary tasks. Save significant time by quickly identifying equipment covered under a contract.

Activity Overview

Review all emails and document the interactions your team has had with the customer in the past.

Jobs Overview

Retrieve information on all previous jobs completed by your team for the customer. Easily access the work history to enhance the turnaround time of your support team and provide prompt assistance to the customer.

Invoice Overview

Find all previous invoices associated with the customer and respond to their inquiry.

Track Site Locations

Monitor all customer work locations to schedule jobs and arrange the movement of stock inventory required for the completion of the work.

360-Degree Customer View

  • Access a consolidated view of customer details, interactions, and history all in one user-friendly page.
  • Empower decision-making by having a comprehensive overview, allowing for personalized and efficient service delivery.
    Detailed Information Access:
  • Explore installed equipment details, including service plans.
  • View contact persons.
  • Access previous job interactions.
  • Retrieve invoices
  • Access Previous Inquiries
  • Explore various customer locations

  • Effortless Contact Interaction

    Engage seamlessly with your contacts through integrated email functionality. Track and manage all communication activities effortlessly, ensuring a complete history for enhanced customer relationship management.

    Empowered Customer Support

    Equip your customer support agents with a wealth of information right at their fingertips. FieldAx ensures that your agents have instant access to comprehensive customer details, enabling them to provide efficient and personalized support.

    Seamless Dispatch from Customer Support

    FieldAx takes customer support to the next level by enabling dispatch actions directly from the customer page. Your support team can efficiently coordinate with technicians, ensuring swift responses and resolutions for customer needs

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