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Dispatch Board

Drag and Drop Job Scheduling

FieldAx’s dispatch board simplifies job assignment, technician tracking, and real-time updates, ensuring efficient field service operations.

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Streamline Dispatch for Optimal Efficiency

FieldAx revolutionizes your dispatch operations with its robust dispatch board functionality. Our cutting-edge software offers dispatchers an intuitive and efficient way to manage and assign jobs to field technicians. With the FieldAx dispatch board, you can visualize your entire workforce’s schedule, including job assignments, technician locations, and real-time updates, all in one place. This powerful tool simplifies decision-making, allowing dispatchers to assign the right technician to the right job quickly. It promotes efficient resource allocation, minimizes downtime, and enhances overall field service productivity. Say goodbye to manual dispatch hassles and embrace the future of dispatch management with FieldAx’s user-friendly dispatch board.

Drag-and-Drop Dispatch Management

Simplify your job dispatching process with FieldAx’s intuitive drag-and-drop feature on the dispatch board. Easily assign, reschedule, or reassign jobs by dragging them across the board, making real-time adjustments a breeze. This user-friendly functionality enhances dispatching efficiency and ensures that jobs are allocated to the right technicians with minimal effort.

Efficient Job Region Management with FieldAx Dispatch Board

FieldAx simplifies job region management on the dispatch board. By grouping jobs into regions, you can easily assign them to the most appropriate technicians based on their locations and expertise. This feature streamlines your operations, reduces travel time, and enhances customer service. With FieldAx, optimizing your job allocation across different regions has never been easier.

Custom Filters for Precision Job Dispatching

FieldAx empowers dispatchers with the ability to set up custom filters, ensuring precision in job dispatching. These filters allow dispatchers to choose jobs based on specific criteria such as technician expertise, job priority, location, or any other relevant factors. By tailoring these filters, you can optimize job allocation, enhance efficiency, and provide faster service to your customers. FieldAx’s customizable filters put you in control of your dispatching process, ensuring that the right job goes to the right technician every time.

Efficient Job Assignment with Location-Based Dispatching

FieldAx revolutionizes job assignment by leveraging location-based dispatching. Before assigning a job, FieldAx intelligently maps out the locations of available technicians and the job sites. Using real-time data, it identifies and selects the closest technicians to the job location. This smart feature ensures that jobs are assigned to technicians who can reach the site quickly, reducing travel time and enhancing response times. With FieldAx, you can optimize resource allocation and provide rapid service to your clients by matching the right technician with the nearest job location. Say goodbye to inefficient dispatching and hello to streamlined operations.

Skill-Based Technician Matching

FieldAx takes the guesswork out of technician assignment by employing a skill-based matching system. When a job comes in, FieldAx scans your team’s skillset and compares it to the job’s requirements. Technicians are then ranked based on their skill compatibility, displayed as a percentage match. This ensures that you assign jobs to technicians with the most relevant expertise, increasing job efficiency and customer satisfaction. FieldAx doesn’t leave anything to chance; it’s all about precision and delivering the right skills for the job.

Versatile Scheduling Views

FieldAx’s Dispatch Board is engineered for flexibility and convenience, offering a range of scheduling views to cater to your diverse needs.

Daily View: Stay in control of daily operations with this view, perfect for managing real-time changes and ensuring smooth day-to-day execution.

Weekly View: Gain a broader perspective of the week ahead, allowing you to plan, allocate tasks, and maintain a balanced workload for your team.

Two-Week View: Extend your planning horizon over two weeks, facilitating efficient management of tasks and assignments, especially for longer-term projects.

Monthly View: With a comprehensive view of the entire month, you can engage in strategic planning, allocate resources effectively, and align your team’s availability with overarching business objectives.

FieldAx’s Dispatch Board empowers you with these diverse scheduling views, enabling efficient job scheduling and management, whether you’re focusing on daily tasks or adopting a more long-term perspective.

Rapid Job Search

FieldAx empowers dispatchers with a quick and efficient job search feature, ensuring that you can easily locate and manage jobs for each dispatch. This tool streamlines the process of finding specific jobs, allowing dispatchers to respond promptly to customer requests, optimize technician assignments, and maintain seamless operations.

Real-Time Technician Availability at Your Fingertips

FieldAx’s Dispatch Board enhances scheduling efficiency by displaying technicians’ other calendar events directly on their schedules

Technician’s Calendar Integration: FieldAx integrates with technicians’ calendars, such as Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar. When a technician links their calendar with the FieldAx app, their existing appointments and events are synchronized.

Drag-and-Drop Scheduling: Dispatchers can then use this information to make informed scheduling decisions. They can drag and drop jobs onto a technician’s calendar, avoiding conflicts with their existing commitments.

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