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Capture feedback and signatures in a snap

FieldAx offers a powerful e-Signature feature that simplifies the signing process for all your job with customer feedback option. Say goodbye to traditional paper signatures and embrace the convenience of electronic signatures. 

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Sign Using Finger on Mobile App

Our mobile app allows you to effortlessly collect signatures using just your finger. Whether you're on-site confirming work, receiving approvals, or acknowledging deliveries, you can sign documents digitally with the swipe of your finger. Say farewell to cumbersome paperwork, enhance efficiency, and ensure seamless, finger-powered signatures right from your mobile device.

FieldAx Field Service: Mobile Device Support

Embed Signature in Service Reports

Our advanced field service software allows you to seamlessly embed digital signatures within your service reports. This feature enhances the integrity and professionalism of your reports, making them legally binding and tamper-proof. With just a few clicks, you can securely incorporate signatures into your documentation, ensuring trust and authenticity in every service report.

Preupload Technician Signatures

Our field service software streamlines your workflow by enabling you to preupload your technician's signatures. This feature ensures that your technicians' signatures are readily available and can be effortlessly applied to service reports, job completion confirmations, and more. Say goodbye to delays and hassles – with preuploaded signatures, your documentation process becomes faster, more efficient, and highly professional.

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