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Equipment History

Track, Analyze, and Schedule Job for Equipment

Discover the comprehensive equipment history tracking feature of FieldAx. Stay informed about the maintenance, repairs, and performance history of your equipment at a glance

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Equipment History Tracking

In FieldAx, we understand that tracking your customer’s equipment history is crucial for providing top-notch service and ensuring their satisfaction. That’s why we’ve developed a dedicated page where you can easily access and manage this essential information. With our equipment history feature, you can delve into the entire lifecycle of your customer’s equipment. This includes everything from the initial installation to routine maintenance, any necessary repairs, and even equipment replacements. Every step of the journey is meticulously documented and available at your fingertips.

Equipment Location Tracking

With FieldAx’s equipment location tracking feature, you can effortlessly manage and monitor the precise whereabouts of customer equipment across multiple sites. Organize your assets by assigning them to specific locations, record installation history, and access real-time information from anywhere. Make informed decisions, improve asset utilization, and enhance customer service with our comprehensive equipment tracking solution

Equipment Retrieval

FieldAx provides a seamless solution for accessing customer equipment records. Whether you need to locate equipment by serial number, product code, or other key details, our system makes it effortless. Enhance efficiency, save time, and keep your operations running smoothly with FieldAx’s streamlined equipment retrieval feature.

Equipment-Based Job History

Gain valuable insights into your operations with FieldAx’s equipment-based job history feature. Easily access previous job records associated with specific equipment, allowing you to make informed decisions and provide more tailored service to your customers

Equipment Service Plan Tracking

Effortlessly manage and track equipment service plans with FieldAx. Stay on top of scheduled maintenance, service agreements, and warranties to ensure optimal performance and customer satisfaction

Equipment Reports

Generate detailed equipment reports organized by site to streamline your asset management and ensure efficient maintenance for all your customer locations.

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