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FieldAx's Unparalleled Features

FieldAx Field service management encompasses a wide range of features. With FieldAx, businesses can streamline their daily operations, automate tasks, simplify overall processes, and reduce the need for micromanagement. These improvements can lead to higher customer satisfaction and, ultimately, increased revenue.

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Here's an overview of some key features:


To effectively convert clients, the use of compelling digital quotes is crucial. With FieldAx Quotation/Quotes/Estimation feature, you can engage potential clients. Both your back-office team and field service technicians have the ability to generate quotes and send them to potential prospects. 


FieldAx's Dispatching Software is not only intuitive but also operates in real-time, offering a host of powerful features that allow you to create a work order and dispatch it to your field workers with just two clicks. When you receive a call from a customer, you can swiftly create a work order and assign it to your field workers, who will receive instant notifications. Dispatching has never been as effortless as it is with Fieldax's Field Service Software.


At FieldAx, our commitment is to simplify the lives of Field Service businesses, and we've achieved this through our Job Scheduling Software. When a customer or client gets in touch, you won't have to scramble to find available time slots and field workers. With just three simple clicks, you can create a work order and assign it to the most suitable field worker.

Service Plan

Simplify all your business Service Plans and processes with Fieldax's Service Plan Management feature. Whether it is a one-time fixed service plan or is it a Service-based plan, Fieldax provides you the ability to create, update, and keep track of all service plan-related aspects such as plan duration and budget, payment terms, equipment used, service and items involved, and even you can set invoice terms (One time or Recurring) in a very simple and profound manner. If you want to set up your own terms for a service plan, you can create a Custom plan as well. 

For every successful business, most significant is that we take care of finances, and for Field Service businesses, Inventory Management becomes essential.

As promised quite a few times above, we at FieldAx are committed to bringing ease to all our Field Service businesses and making them efficient to become profitable and increase revenues. 

FieldAx’s Field Service Software provides robust Invoicing tools for both your back office and field force. Featuring the latest inbuilt and customizable Invoice templates, we simplify billing and invoice generation with just a Single Click.

Activities serve to monitor and record the interactions that your users engage in with both prospects, existing customers and Jobs. These activities are categorized into two distinct items such as Tasks and Events. Both Tasks and Events function as specific record types, each equipped with its unique set of fields and designed to serve different purposes

  1. Tasks: A user’s “to do” list or “have done” list including a due date and comments.
  2. Events: These track meetings, which are usually synced from off-platform calendars such as Outlook or Google Calendar.

Time Card

Time is indeed money, and with FieldAx’s mobile app, you can effortlessly keep track of various time-related aspects for your field workers. When will the field worker arrive at the client’s location? How much time is spent on travel versus the actual job start and finish times? All of these critical metrics are calculated automatically.



FieldAx offers a plethora of tools that empower you to develop third-party integrations, firmly believing in providing the most potent, adaptable, and user-friendly field service software available.

The integration of third-party tools, such as payment gateways and accounting software, can yield numerous benefits for your business. For instance, payment gateways like Stripe and Paypal simplify online transaction processing, enhancing the ease with which customers can make purchases on a website. Conversely, accounting software options like Xero and Quickbooks enable businesses to efficiently manage their finances and maintain control over their financial data.

FieldAx Customer Portal Section

Have you been searching for a customer portal that allows your clients to easily request work from you? Look no further! FieldAx’s Field Service Management Software is a comprehensive solution that caters to all your needs.

We offer a dedicated Customer portal designed specifically for your clients and customers. 


Take full command of your field service business by gaining real-time insight into job activities, financial performance, overall business operations, and your team’s performance. A field service management dashboard serves as a powerful tool for field service organizations to monitor and oversee their field service operations. It offers an up-to-the-minute snapshot of critical metrics, including the average job completion time and the percentage of jobs completed within deadlines. Furthermore, the dashboard provides valuable insights into customer satisfaction, technician productivity, and the status of equipment and inventory.



The Report Builder is a robust and user-friendly tool designed for analyzing your FieldAx data. Effortlessly group, filter, and summarize records to address business queries such as “What was the job closing rate in texas last month? ” Enhance the visual representation of your data by incorporating a report chart. Refresh the preview to track progress as you construct your report. Once completed, execute your report to obtain comprehensive results.


Customer satisfaction is paramount for the success of any business, and it’s essential to have concrete evidence of that satisfaction, especially when monitoring jobs from the back office. FieldAx’s mobile app features an electronic signature capability designed precisely for this purpose.

Develop custom objects to store organization-specific data, enhancing the capabilities of Fieldax.

Customize the layout with access settings tailored to your specific requirements. Page layouts serve as a means to govern the arrangement and structure of buttons, fields, custom links, and related items found on object record pages. They play a vital role in determining the visibility, read-only status, and mandatory fields. Employ page layouts to tailor the content of record pages to the preferences and needs of your users.


You have the capability to construct flows and processes that incorporate any objects, automating repetitive business tasks within your organization

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