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How Fieldax streamlining in Healthcare Industry

Salesforce is great for healthcare where it generally allows healthcare companies to securely enhance their functionality. Despite Field service management having grown into a sophisticated capability and industry segment in many sectors. The key elements of Fieldax specifically ensure asset management, properly functioning equipment, identifying potential issues, and emergency repairs. At the present time the main advantage of fieldax is the performance boost particularly by giving crucial information on your business in one system. It streamlines all customers regarding the visits, usage of the complex medical equipment.

Salesforce Field Service not only increases the efficiency of your workers but also cuts your expenses in the health care industry. Fieldax provides an easy system to monitor the wear and tear of your equipment, at the same time improves customer satisfaction. Moreover, it helps to improve overall efficiency by automating a team scheduling and on-site service capabilities. It is the right tool to provide top-notch result above all is possible due to these advantages.

  • Asset and service management
  • Streamline Field Technician Scheduling with Automation
  • Thirdly, Use Digital Logistics to Improve Customer Experience
  • Digitize to Reduce Administrative Overhead & Paperwork
  • Provide Warranty Insurance and Service Quotes in Real-Time
  • Improve FDA Compliance with Integrated Reporting

we believe that troubleshooting and problem-solving should start as soon as a service call is received. And sometimes even before the call, based on real-time asset monitoring. By having the right secure remote access and support technology helps healthcare industry to perform well. Meanwhile, properly configuring the remote device to be able to accept secure incoming remote connections – this is usually done by pre-installing the remote access client on the device prior to shipping/installation. From installing and maintaining costly equipment to inspecting and repairing devices where incidents have been reported, field technicians are at the operational center of every medical device manufacturer.

Using smart location technology, automated customer communication systems assist the healthcare industry by improve the customer satisfaction. However, when you reduce the lag time in providing warranty insurance or service quotes, it gives you a strong advantage over competitors. Lifesaving and sustaining medical equipment must be serviced properly to ensure safe and effective function.

Learn more about Fieldax today and how it can transform your service organization.

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