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What is an HVAC system and how does fieldax help to fix the problems?

On the whole HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation and Airconditioning. It maintains the required temperature, humidity, air pressure, and quality required in any particular room or area. Traditional HVAC systems worked without PLCs; but nowadays, almost all of them have PLCs installed for better and more accurate control. Particularly, keeps us warm in winter and cools in summer. It reduces both humidity and keeps the indoor and outdoor air clean. A field service software helps this industry greatly by automation and streamlines operations.

Your field service technicians are the foundation of your service company, interacting with customers to solve HVAC system problems. To retain quality service tech as well as set them up for success. Technician’s not only need to correctly troubleshoot and repair cooling and heating systems, but they need to follow your company’s procedures, accurately document service calls, and assure complete customer satisfaction. Henceforth, Equip your techs with the tools they need to work more efficiently and increase their average ticket—and your company’s profitability. Remove some of the biggest pain points in the field service business by using Fieldax.

The cloud-based, end-to-end software for trades makes it easier for HVAC business owners to improve team and customer communication, increase operational efficiency.  Here are few key takeaways how Fieldax helps:

  • Optimize Scheduling to Avoid Tech Burnout
  • Supply Complete Job Information
  • Increase Sales with Tiered Options,
  • Enhance Service with Digital Forms
  • Following, Streamline Communication in the Field
  • Simplify Service Agreements and Contracts

It’s all too common in the HVAC industry: a lot of work but not enough techs. If you overbook your HVAC techs in an effort to cope with your labor shortage, it leads to tech burnout. Instead, schedule intelligently with Fieldax allowing techs adequate time to complete each job. It simultaneously let techs see their schedule for the entire day or require them to finish the current job before viewing the next one. Scheduling software also enables your company to prepare ahead of time for complex and time-consuming jobs.

Fully inform your tech with Fieldax field service app giving techs complete job information at their fingertips. Moreover, Techs can also see beforehand if the job needs special tools or a gate code to enter the property. Similarly, its price book and mobile estimate templates make it easier to show customers the value of a higher-priced solution. Detailed descriptions with high-quality photos and videos help the technician educate the customer. After choosing their preferred option, the customer can digitally sign on the spot. Additionally, integrated price books and inventory management features allow you to instantly verify material pricing and availability.

Make tech’s job easier straightaway by customizable digital form, which you can trigger based on the job type, such as an HVAC install, maintenance inspection, or warranty call.  Thereafter, Membership agreements, preventative maintenance contracts, and loyalty programs work to build your customer base and generate more revenue. Fieldax software does the hard work for you, so you can focus on growing your company.

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