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How IT Deployments and services companies Use Fieldax -Field service Software

The growing demand for IT deployments can be especially difficult for a field service provider to handle a mobilizing workforce. High internet usages certainly increased the demand for data services, cloud solutions, data center technologies and growing IT service networks. The IT industry faces a critical time in managing their enterprise, as the global demand continues to rise. Following, on-site field service, help desk support, remote desktop repairs and managing subcontractors that specialize deployments.

To complete these types of new installations, and the maintenance of systems, these services turned to FSM software to manage their business. Moreover, companies finding unique ways to use field service software to handle data service problems and service calls. Fieldax is a chosen solution for those in the IT services industry, providing a complete field service management system.  Indeed, helps meet the demand for telecommunications, voice and data services, and deployments.

With a complete end-to-end solution, Fieldax is handling deployment management of new data center technologies, cloud services, and new networks for IT services. while also providing a mobile solution for a growing workforce of subcontractors. In other words, fieldax  increases business efficiency and performance across their entire workforce.

Key takeaways of Fieldax software in IT Deployments

  • Firstly, Supporting with project management solutions.
  • Adding mobility to the field
  • Managing overall subcontractor-based workforce.
  • Deployments of new systems& even more

Supporting with IT deployment project management solutions:

In general, new projects are put into the IT system, which generates work orders for each customer’s location. Also generates requisitions for equipment required, automatically converts to a purchase order in their system. This automation reduces time demands on each project, enabling to take on more deployments for their technology solutions. Significantly, increases their overall business performance and increased the number of IT deployments without needing to take on additional resources. Infact allows to aggregate repeatable tasks, creating a highly scalable business model.

Adding Mobility to the IT Services Field:

While IT services and telecommunications businesses are rolling out new technology for their customers and realized they needed better solutions.  Mobile field service capabilities have a positive impact across the entire field service industry, and IT service providers. With Fieldax particularly the mobile field service app, making technicians more efficient in the field, while providing real-time updates on job status, more insight to asset management. Along with work order management, enhanced scheduling, dispatching tools, asset tracking this software gives information from time to time.  IT service providers are reaping the rewards of using mobile field service applications in their own business.

Now, more than ever, IT services are utilizing a vast network of subcontractors to complete service repairs. From simple computer maintenance to large VoIP, data banks and telecommunications systems, subcontractors are being utilized. Above all, with a high volume of calls, easy to process quickly and certainly avoid internal delays.  Subcontractor management tools enable IT service provides to expand their workforce to subcontractors and utilize them. As a result, subcontractors can be scheduled and dispatched the same as a regular technician.  The most important is they have access to the field service mobile app to complete tasks and enter time.

To Conclude:

Fieldax is helping IT service providers meet the growing global demand for technology. Whether that be VoIP services, data centers, telecommunications solutions, new networks in new construction, and server maintenance, has a full breadth of solutions. Complete your FSM implementation with a mobile field service app to utilize your technicians and subcontractors, and gain greater visibility into your customers, your technician’s movements, and your business overall.

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