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Fieldax – an Essential Field Service Software for Solar Industry Business

80% of Solar business owners rely on Field service software for Solar Industry when it comes to dynamic workforce automation. From solar and wind to hydro solutions, the renewable energy market is reaching a fever pitch. Conducting panel inspections and responding to maintenance calls is a chore with paper-based processes. Moreover, the task involves many variables, such Fieldworker management is time-consuming, and precision driven.  But technological improvements have allowed companies to handle everything competently. If taking control of your service operations management is a goal, there is no better time than the present to make a change with the right operations management software.

Automation has developed various solutions to manage field service operations and eliminate inefficiencies. Fieldax software undeniably puts your solar service business on the right track to level-up your operations. It helps to understand how FSM Application for Solar Industry works accurately into your business. It is based on the principles of automation and revolves around field service by a team of service professionals.  From managing clients to tracking team skills, Fieldax  is certainly helpful in improving connectivity.

Key benefits & Features of Fieldax for Solar Industry

  • Firstly, Task planning and Dispatching
  • Effortlessly Schedules Maintenance Calls
  • Following, Leverage Asset management and real- time inventory tracking.
  • Utilize digital mobile forms
  • Quote, Billing and invoicing
  • Furthermore, with Map and Geo location
  • Document Management & data security in addition.
  • Gain a consolidate view.

Task planning and dispatching:

A smooth process requires effective planning. Fieldax is also known as scheduling software because without pen and paper it is possible to schedule employees, reschedule orders even at the last minute and keep track of everything. Field service software for solar industry also provide information about people’s availability, location, and help with task assignments. Once work is scheduled, technicians can be notified.

Effortlessly Schedules Maintenance Calls:

At the click of a button, or just drag and drop, you are on your way to solar service scheduling bliss. Schedule crews from a consolidated view across your team. Utilize skill tags particularly to ensure the right technician for the job. Overall, effectively plan projects using satellite, street maps, driving directions, and GPS.

Leverage Asset management and real- time inventory tracking:

Fieldax helps you gain real-time visibility into the assets you manage at all times in the solar industry. Moreover, capture data against assets, such as photos, barcodes and so much more. Know the current and historical location of every asset. Basically, automate. inventory replenishment alerts to re-order and replenish parts/stock. Employ mobile inventory management tools to enable field service technicians altogether.

Utilize digital mobile forms:

Mobile Forms for Any Solar Service Work need easy to use forms that are as familiar as their paper-based counterparts. At first, utilize installation, maintenance, audit, and inspection forms for any type of solar service work you conduct. Automate approval workflows to capture signatures for quotes, invoices and job completions.

Quote, Billing and invoicing:

The nature of solar service businesses means a steady influx of work to keep crews engaged and cashflow, well, flowing.  At this point, leveraging tools to quote projects from the field helps your crews move faster, beat the competition and realize revenue faster. The invoicing functionality allows you to easily create, manage and update customer and supplier invoices. At the same time, Automated email notifications allow customers to pay while the team can be updated on the progress of the billing process.

Map and Geo location:

Solar Business owners need to know their workers in the field to see where they are, how they are performing their tasks. With real-time employee location tracking, easily monitor employee locations on the map. Aswell as, identifying their positions can also be helpful in evaluating their work progress.

Document Management & data security:

Fieldax also makes it possible to manage documents and business files from a single platform with security. Basically, collects, use, store and secure all information by tracking documents from a single window, synchronizing everything, and reducing the risk of errors.  Also create folders, upload different file formats, and back everything up entirely with the document management feature. As a result, a full-fledged software that can simplify the whole service system of the company and make it paperless.

Gain a consolidate view:

From one service work order to another, activities can vary. Technicians may need specific parts to complete a job, assets may be located in a different area on-site. Fieldax certainly makes it easy by consolidating everything in one solution. . At any given time, you know what service orders are scheduled, where your technicians are in real-time, the location of assets and so much more.

To Conclude:

Fieldax is an all-in-one solution & field service software for Solar Industry. Significantly, a highly interactive field service management software that helps you automate business processes, optimize inventory, manage customer relationships, and schedule jobs. It helps to  manage inventory with its inventory optimization tool that lets you track and manage your inventory by performing tasks.

Learn more about Fieldax today and how it can transform your service organization.

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