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Fieldax – A Field Service Software for Fire, Safety and Security system

Altogether Fire and security services entail a lot of responsibility. One single mistake can cost lives and property. That’s why Fieldax brings you the most advanced and reliable software solution to take care of your business processes. Our advanced features overall help you to automate and streamline your operations. so that you can focus on the more important tasks at your hands. Certainly, an industry-leading solution designed to help fire and safety service providers with installing, design, maintaining and inspecting equipment. Fire, safety, and security systems are always in demand to safeguard properties from potential risks.

The system manages the inspection and maintenance of alarm panels, full building security systems, sprinkler systems, smoke alarms, and extinguishers. Fire and life safety represents the most important tasks for a business to stay up to date on. As a matter of fact, purpose of those job site visits is to help avoid devastating deaths and a potential end to client’s business. However, the service providers require considerable effort to assign resources efficiently for ensuring proper installation of devices on time. It guarantees Both upgrading and frequently maintaining the equipment’s according to the current regulations for smooth working. Fieldax works as armor for field service businesses and helps them address these requirements efficiently.

Common Challenges Field Service Businesses Face:

  • Sending inappropriate or untrained field service technicians to a site result in frequent visits and lowers the rate of businesses.
  • Unable to access tools and information to complete the job, not staying up-to-date with current regulations,
  •  Not having the right system to improve communication and data sharing.
  • Sometimes, technicians are incompetent at sharing the record of work done, which leads to delays in payments, and loss of revenue.

High-quality FSM Software for fire & security systems are in demand by field service businesses since they provide a solution to businesses. In addition, the software offers robust features that streamline the key field-based processes such as scheduling and dispatching, third-party software integration, inspection and tasks checklist, digital signature, real-time reporting, photo capture, digital service contracts, invoicing, etc. Furthermore, FSM software is tailored to drive the productivity of field technicians to deliver premium services to customers. As a result,  Fieldax  enabling fire security companies worldwide to achieve significant ROI.

Fieldax Highlighted Features for Fire & Safety, Security Systems

  • At first, streamlines workflows
  • Effectively Syncs with Inventory
  • Simplifies Invoicing & Billing Process
  • Fourthly, Mobile Aspects Complementing End-to-End Convenience.
  •  Data access from anywhere
  • Significantly,Timekeeping Speeds Up Work Execution
  • Following security as a Service
  • Increased levels of detail in documentation & even more.

Streamlines Workflows

Fire protection companies have several daily activities, such as installing and maintaining fire and safety equipment, fire risk assessments, fire safety training, and more. Fire protection field service software orchestrates such activities, including streamlining quotes, scheduling, and dispatching.

  • Using Fieldax quoting, organizations can simplify the process by auto-generating a quote and can change the quote on price variation.
  • As soon as the work order is confirmed, Fieldax fire protection scheduling software finds a technician with relevant skills.

Effectively Syncs with Inventory

Since the fire protection system involves inspection, installation, and maintenance of security systems, smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, sprinkler systems, alarm panels, etc., Fieldax”s FSM software syncs smoothly with the inventory management system, so the resources are never over.

  • Fieldax  Inventory Management System helps locate the exact position of the inventory, ultimately eliminating unnecessary service delays.
  • The software notifies as soon as the stock reaches a certain threshold and automatically creates purchase orders.
  • Stock transfer requests can be made right from the mobile app, which reduces excessive delays.

Simplifies Invoicing & Billing Process

Businesses can’t survive without smooth and accurate cash flows. However, the best field service management suite like Fieldax comes with invoicing and billing capabilities.

  • The software removes the unnecessary workflows and provides a swirling view of field service and financial data via a shared platform.
  • It provides field technicians to access, manage and keep a note on costs. Also reduces delay in processing invoice.

With the increasing levels of automation comes the increased capability to capture detailed information. With all the new technological innovations, specifically in the field service industry, you need to keep your systems up to date to stay ahead of the competition. No more time wasted organizing documents, filing papers, and getting signatures. Implementing an FSM cloud-based system to store all your information simplifies and streamlines business operations and increases efficiency, employee productivity, and customer satisfaction.

The time tracking software for the fire service business helps track the working hours of technicians each day. The software is an accurate timekeeper that lets field service managers check each technician’s time tracked per job and view their payroll and actual times. Overall, fieldax helps companies accelerate their existing efficiency, increase technicians’ productivity, make field service workflow end successfully in all aspects, and achieve the desired bottom line.

Fieldax software does the hard work for you, so you can focus on growing your company.

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