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Field Service Management ERP Integration

If you want to harmonize your field service processes and accelerate service execution, field service management ERP integration is the best way to go.

FieldAx is one highly recommended field service management software that integrates with existing CRM or ERP systems, as information gathered on the field needs to be transferred across several departments.
Built on the Salesforce cloud platform, FieldAx is among the leading FSM software for 2021 and beyond as it allows seamless integration. Track all your job activities from anywhere and get value for money from this secured cloud-based field service management software.

Why you should choose FieldAx for field service management & ERP integration

Low-cost and user-friendly

FieldAx saves you a lot of time besides its low budget and user-friendliness. This gives you value for money and helps you save your valuable time for other business initiatives. The application allows organizations to easily manage their field service workers with ease since there’s no need for you to install and maintain complex hardware and outdated software. With the advanced dispatch board, you can schedule jobs in a matter of seconds.

FieldAx’s user-friendly dispatcher gives you a holistic environment to visualize all the technicians who have been assigned to various tasks. Featuring a drag-and-drop calendar, you can easily schedule and reschedule multiple tasks at a go.

  •  In the case of incomplete, difficult to access information

Inconsistent and incomplete data causes your business to miss opportunities to streamline expenses and maximize service revenue.

Our field service management solutions offer a record system that enables companies to improve productivity, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. With FieldAx’s secure cloud-based platform, which is fully customizable, you can add extra value to your clients. Maximize your time in the field and eliminate the loads of paperwork on your shoulders.

  • When your field service staff don’t have all the information they need

FieldAx’s field service management system helps companies store and retrieve all incident reports and information captured in the field. It offers integration with existing CRM or ERP systems that allow them to transfer data across several departments back to the office. This is ideal for the automatic dispatch of follow-up work orders and customer feedback.

Besides integration with your existing system, FieldAx offers mobile capture capabilities and templates that allow efficient data entry through tablets or phones, and a desktop computer.

  • In-built CRM

Manage your customer details and communication history with FieldAx field service software. You’ll be able to create a full picture of your customer landscape and generate insights on how to engage with your clients. The in-built CRM is a big plus for your customer service department.

What’s more, FieldAx reports are organized in a tabular or graphical format with timelines. You can create thousands of reports for different levels of staff in your company’s hierarchy.

  • When your field service systems are outdated and cumbersome

Outdated and difficult field service systems pose a lot of problems for your business, including poor user interfaces, lack of customer services and manually updating work orders. Time is money – and old-fashioned management systems can prove very costly.

FieldAx’s cloud-based field service management software enables you to monitor and manage their mobile workforce and improve working productivity. This software is designed to help you offer great services to consumers.

Gain high visibility into your business and automate your service delivery with custom solutions by integrating your ERP systems with FieldAx. Our trusted software has enabled thousands of companies to make the most out of their field technicians. Get in touch with us and schedule a demo.

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