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Top7 Advantages of Fieldax Automation Service.

Field service companies can optimize the use of available resources while ensuring customer satisfaction. Fieldax automation service is the one stop to overcome your challenges. As businesses adopt more and more technological services and products particularly to keep operations up and functional. At the present time, there is a need for on-site or field support technicians and services in massive demand. Often companies tend to focus on problems, analyze them and provide them a solution.  Automation Service benefits them by handling everything from scheduling and tracking to inventory control and billing on the same platform. Fieldax automation service is the way to get there.

Companies today want to Automate as much work as possible. Undeniably, FSM organizations use automation services to manage resources.  The focus is on maximizing resource performance. Fieldax automation service software uses mobile technologies, cloud computing and social collaboration features to improve field service efficiency. In the first place, from desktop, tablet or mobile phones, managers have a full overview of the order status and mainly view the field service staff are currently in.

Key advantages of Fieldax Automation Service:

  • Automation simplifies workflow management.
  • Removes manual effort in general improves efficiency.
  • Service delivery is faster and overall improves co-ordination among teams.
  • Scheduled technicians work in real time.
  • Sending invoices will be quicker.
  • Digital and automated material handling.
  •  Provides better customer service and stores customer history by all means.

The workflow ensures both timely actions occur, and work is assigned as per the designed process. Thus, technician’s carry out hassle free processes in providing a better experience for customers. Fieldax automation service takes care of overall managing volume of resources and goods. Reports and dashboards give insights on various metrics like group or individual performance, tasks, resolution time and customer feedback. When the field technician updates the tasks and the costs of a particular service, they are tracked in the tool automatically. Therefore, it provides transparency across the management on how the performance is.


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