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7 Useful Tips to Find the Perfect Field Service Engineer

Do you find you have difficulty when trying to find the right field service engineer in your industry? Do you employ field service engineers for your clients? If so, then you’ve probably run into this issue before. It can be pretty challenging to find these individuals. But, it doesn’t have to be a struggle any longer! You can avoid common mistakes by using the tips I will share with you in this blog post.


So it would help if you had an employee for a field service engineer position at your company. You can’t just hire the first person to apply.

It’s essential to make sure they’re a good fit for you and your team. You might not be able to find a perfect fit straight away. Here are seven tips you should consider when recruiting.

1. Your company values

Where do we start when looking for the right employee? It’s essential to make sure they’re up to date on the company values. You want them to represent you in a way that fits your image. Every company relies on their employees to represent them positively. If they don’t understand that correctly, you may find that you have to let them go later to save your image.

Your company values are important. You want to make sure that you can trust your employees to represent you in a way that fits your image. Unfortunately, many companies might not have their employees up to date on their company values. Get your employees up to speed. Trust them to represent you in the right way and save your image for future clients.

2. The right tools for the job

You need someone trained for the job you need doing. Does your job need to be done immediately? Training new employees can be costly in money and time. Training someone for that isn’t going to help you at all.

Your employees can have many different skills. Right now, you need a trained person to do a job. But training someone isn’t going to work. You need someone who’s already trained for the job. It can be hard to find people with the right skills, especially when you need them most.  Talk to us about our field service management software to help get it done right. Get it done without spending time and money on training new hires.

3. Appropriate qualifications

Are you looking for someone to do a potentially dangerous job? You’ll want to make sure they’re qualified for it. Skipping the qualifications puts your business and their safety on the life.  Skipping qualifications is risky for both of you.

Finding and coordinating qualified staff is challenging. Therefore, you are stuck with sub-optimal service providers, potentially putting your business at risk. Being flexible to meet your needs is even more complicated. With our software, you hold power in your hand. See the safety reports of any contractor before they go out and work for you! We’ve crafted our software to present all our contractors’ safety and qualification reports across your entire organisation. Our software saves you time and money in the process!

4. A good representation of your brand

It’s essential that no matter whom you hire, they’re able to represent your brand appropriately. They should reflect the expected appearance and behaviour in a way that compliments your brand’s image.

Hiring is a big challenge, especially when companies have a large number of field service professionals. If every representative doesn’t look and act consistently, it can taint the brand image. We provide tools that make it easy to stay updated. You will be able to see how each of your employees represent your brand from a distance. You can spot problematic issues before they get out of hand.  Our software makes it very easy to stay in contact with your field service team. Tasks including: sending out actions, instructions and bulletins, are straightforward and efficient. We also handle updates through our software. We make it easy for you to control what gets updates and what doesn’t.

5. Ability to communicate and worth with others

Are you hiring a new field service engineer for your team? They must understand what you need them to do. Also, they must be able to communicate what’s going on and what they’re capable of. If they’re going to be working with others, they need to be capable of teamwork too. If they are not a team player, it’s going to slow the whole operation down.

A new hire who is incapable of communicating will be a massive pain. On the flip side, an employee who’s incapable of taking instructions can be just as much of a problem. It doesn’t matter what field service management software you use. It must have onboarding processes for new employees to ensure that they’re well-versed in using it effectively and efficiently. And yes! Long before they start doing any actual work. Nowadays, hiring and onboarding staff is easier said than done.

6. A good work ethic

Every team member is an investment in the business. Both you and your team depend on them, and they need to fulfil their role within the agreed time. If they turn out to be unreliable, it can be a setback for you financially. On the other hand, you also can’t have them showing up late if there’s urgent work requiring their attention.

You can’t afford for your employees to be unreliable or late. You can rely on employees best if they come organised. Organised, in touch with their responsibilities and willing to hold up to their end of the deal. We created our Field Service Management Software to help you manage the resources provided by your service team. From the time they receive a maintenance request up until it gets completed when it’s supposed to. This way, you can minimise work delays and have all updates at hand.

7. A good fit for the environment

Is your field service engineer a poor fit for the environment and culture? If so, it can be difficult for everyone to get along and ignore it. It’s essential for the efficiency of the teamwork that everyone can understand each other and get along. It’s better for morale and prevents the environment from turning negative.

A poorly-fitting field service engineer in a sensitive and demanding environment can wreak havoc on the team. Maybe it’s the inability to get along or not understanding the cultural norms of the environment. Whichever, poor field service engineers can cause stress. Stress causes unpleasantness. Unpleasantness sinks morale. It’s bad news for your team’s productivity. Training is always helpful, but it takes time and money. Gaining skills in communication and social situations through field service management training is a better way to achieve a smooth environment and benefit profits.


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