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What is Fieldax-Field Service Management Software?

Fieldax in Medical Industries

Merfantz is one of the best Salesforce Development Companies in India. As a creative development team and Salesforce ISV partner ,we outstand as a service provider  and come up with profitable solutions. In Merfantz we provide field service through FIELDAX.

Fieldax from Merfantz is an inbuilt CRM and delivers Field service management to outside employee’s company. It is the practice of managing field services,  employees and equipment using software, workflow and communication solutions. Medical equipment’s and it tracking software increase the quality of Health care provided to patients .So, we as a Salesforce Customer Service provider come up with benefits like faster diagnosis and reduced hospital stays.

What does Field Service mean?

Engineers sent to a client location to install equipment or provide services. The aim is to give and fulfill the customer expectations while maintaining service levels. Through our service, we can track entire flow of field service operations right from tracking Customer details to track the engineer at this time. However, there are some basic challenges i.e.  insufficient inventory, scheduling the technicians on right time etc. At this point it can be solved easily.

The General workflow of Fieldax:

What is Fieldax-Field Service Management Software?


Main carry-outs of Fieldax:

  • Access from any where.
  • Online payment tracking.
  • Allows technician to report on their timesheet.
  • Provides data in an organized tabular or graphical format and timelines.

Fieldax for medical equipment industry builds an ongoing customer relationship with multiple sources of revenue. Medical equipment’s  and their services is one the challenging business. A special attention is needed to  maintain, manage, use, assess and repair. Because they have shorter lives , therefore it needs to be concentrated and fixed.

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Benefits of Fieldax:

  • Standardized workflow processes,
  • Accurate resource task,
  • Reduced paper work,
  • Improved Innovation,
  • Seamless scheduling.

In the event that, Merfantz contributes in light of with ease and execute their business better.

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