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Reporting Made Easy for Field Service Engineers with FieldAx

Many businesses find field service reporting and management to be a struggle.

The following are some of the major challenges that field service businesses face in reporting:

  • Lack of time and resources to report
  • Lack of access to the right data
  • Inconsistency in reporting across service providers
  • Incomplete reporting and writing of reports
  • Difficulty in retrieving data from spreadsheets
  • Lack of reporting tools designed for field service businesses
  • The lack of a centralised platform to collate data

Managing employees who travel and work in the field is even harder. And managing those traveling employees and generating reports to give the board can be a challenging experience. Firms must dedicate vast resources to administration and operational oversight. And they often have to collect data manually, instead of getting their team to report it to them via the cloud.

The Reporting Problem

Problems arise particularly when it comes to reporting in the field, managing work orders, and scheduling teams.  Trying to work out who is where and how long it will take them to get from one location to another is a monumental undertaking. Many companies struggle to achieve efficiency in this environment. 

Keeping track of how operatives behave in the field, though, is essential. You need to keep tabs on their progress, the value they’re adding, and their timesheet to ensure that you pay them the correct amount. You also need to ensure that you are able to see each technician’s workload so you can balance their needs against those of your clients and customers.

The Reporting Solution

So what’s the solution? 

We think it’s rather simple: just use FieldAx

FieldAx is an online platform that makes real-time mobile workforce and task management simpler. It slots into your regular business routine, offering a way to give you managerial control you never imagined possible.

FieldAx offers multiple features, designed to make field service reporting vastly easier. One of the leading tools on our platform is the work order management system. This feature allows companies to see who has been assigned which tasks and things like estimated completion times, costs, and so on.

The software also offers service contract management. This makes it much easier to see whether you are meeting your clients’ objectives and if you’re on track. If you aren’t, you can use the software to plot out a new trajectory forwards, ensuring the best outcomes for all. 

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of FieldAx is that it seamlessly integrates with your existing business software. You can link it to your CRM and use it to monitor various cash flows in and out of your enterprise. 

Made for SMEs

FieldAx is specifically made for small and medium-sized businesses; that’s why it offers many of the niche and small-scale options you need when hosting small remote teams. With that said, it is also highly scalable. So if your field service reporting requirements increase, the platform can easily accommodate the additional load. 

FieldAx is cloud-based field service management software, allowing your employees to access their accounts wherever they have an internet connection. And the customizable dashboard provides more than 1000+ reports, allowing you to arrange your interface according to your business needs. 

If your field agents need to collect payments, FieldAx can help there too. Its online payment gateway tracking offers Stripe, PayPal, and 

So what are you waiting for? If you want to start benefiting from our powerful dispatch board, start your free trial today and get started with FieldAx. 


About FieldAx

FieldAx is a centralized SaaS solution for any field services business.

  • Inbuilt CRM.  Manage the customer details, communication history, and more quickly and easily with FieldAx. You will get a complete picture of all your customers, from insights about how to engage with them to deals they’re involved in.
  • Access from Anywhere. This one must give a full overview of the repair, maintenance, installation, or other work done by your technician on the site. Your customer or supervisor can visually be able to validate the work and the result.
  • Online Payment Tracking. Management of payment transaction details for each invoice like credit card and Net Banking. Online gateway configuration for PayPal, Stripe, and is available for Enterprise edition users.
  • Technician Timesheet. Fieldax allows your field technicians to report their time on the job and travel times using their device and can also be included in an invoice as labor charges. We can also implement GPS tracking if needed.
  • 1000+ Report & Dashboard. FieldAx Reports contain data in an organized tabular or graphical format and timelines. These custom reports can be created in minutes for different levels of your company hierarchy.
  • User-Friendly Dispatcher. It gives an Eagle eye point view to all the jobs assigned to various technicians. One can easily schedule and reschedule with drag and drop calendar, Gantt chart type of fluid user experience

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