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How to benefit from Fieldax’s Dispatch board

Field service management software is a tool that helps businesses manage their field service operations. It enables businesses to schedule and dispatch workers, track inventory, manage customer information, and more. Field management services can benefit from Fieldax”s Dispatch board as long as they use it. At first it is essentially for customer experience management. Basically, Fieldax “s dispatch board plays a fundamental role in both to increase efficiency and to reduce costs.

There are many ways in which Fieldax can help field service companies. Firstly,” Dispatch board helps to keep track of their field service technicians. This software allows you to manage your technician’s timesheet, see job reports and track travel time using data collected from their devices.

Benefits of using  Fieldax  dispatch board:

You can view the entire business work of all technicians in a single frame. Moreover, from Fieldax”s dispatch board you can assign and schedule the job for the technician on their calendar by using drag and drop feature. Each technician has an individual calendar, and it is easier to view their performance in detail. In case if you want to assign two or more technicians for the same timings to a particular site, it can be done certainly in the dispatch board.

Tracking Technicians:

Managers can track the locations of field engineers and use this information to reroute them to the closest customer. Accordingly, it also permits GPS tracking, giving you a simple way of calculating hours traveled versus hours on site. Integrated Gantt charts show you evidently where your engineers are now and when they will become available for the next job.

Handy access wherever

Because field management service is built on the cloud, managers can access job card information from wherever they are. This provides dispatch teams with a full view of the type of work being done and how much revenue it is generating. On the whole this software automates and optimizes field workers scheduled across geographies, whether they are employees or contractors.

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