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Cut Office Admin so your Field Service Employees can spend more time serving clients

Way too much time is spent on administrative tasks by technicians of field service employees these days. 

The admin tasks are, in fact, one of the most time-consuming aspects of being a service technician. It’s easy to get bogged down doing mundane paperwork, scheduling appointments, and trying to track all the necessary receipts for expenses. There’s a possibility that you will never have time to actually provide your services. 

The good news is that it is possible to reduce time spent on administrative tasks. There are solutions that reduce admin work so your field service employees can spend more time serving clients. For instance, enterprise resource planning (ERP) for field services may be one solution you may want to learn more about and look into further.

Why Productivity & Serving Clients Matters

When it comes to working and running your business, productivity means the ratio between the work you do and the result you get. In other words, a ratio of how much work (or output) you do in a given amount of time (or input). It’s all about how much time field service employees spend performing their jobs versus travelling or working on admin tasks. The reason productivity matters is because there’s a distinct and direct correlation between your bottom line and your technician’s productivity. You must track and monitor this aspect so you can make the most out of your labour force. Your business will bring in less money the more time your technicians are working on non-billable activities.

Get Organized

Your first order of business is to recognize and identify the problem. Once you know there’s an issue, you should work on getting organized. Hire the right people for the job, train your field service employees, and then provide them with the tools they need to be successful. Improve your processes and provide the right equipment and software. This way, your employees can focus on doing their jobs and spending time with clients. Standardize processes and utilize technology to help you increase productivity and customer satisfaction. 

Increasing Field Service Employees Productivity

The upside to your dilemma is that there is a practical solution to your challenges. One of the most significant and impactful ways to increase field service employees’ productivity is to reduce non-billable and administrative activities. The more time spent on these tasks, the less time they spend with clients and the less money you can bill out to clients.

For example, field service management software by FieldAx will free your technicians from their desk jobs. Thus, they will be able to focus on providing high-quality services for your clients. It’s a centralized solution for any field service business that allows you to track all your job activities. You can efficiently manage your data with one application while reducing costs and completing jobs faster. And you have anywhere anytime access to all the data.


You now have a better idea of why productivity matters and how to improve and increase it at your workplace. The field service management software by FieldAx will help you reduce time spent on admin tasks. It makes sure your field service employees can do what they do best. It also ensures they get more time with clients and solve the issues at hand. 

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