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Benefits of Field Service Software to Fire Safety Contractors

Fire Safety Service Software: What You Didn’t Know. Improve efficiency, save money, and ensure that clients are safe at all times.

Many fire safety service providers find it challenging to recognise the benefits of field management software. Especially in their day-to-day operations! This guide will tell you everything you need to know about fire safety service software and how it can help you.

What Is Field Service Management Software?

Field service management software helps businesses and organisations track resources. The software is a great tool to track resources when used off-site. So how can tracking jobs and managing resources more effectively provide help? Well, organisations can improve efficiency and save money!

But how does this relate to fire safety service technicians? And why should you use fire safety service software?

Common Issues Faced By Fire Safety Service Contractors

Ok, so there are several logistical challenges that fire safety service contractors need to overcome.

Firstly, job scheduling is significant. Technicians waste much time travelling between sites if not organised in the most efficient order. As a result, there is a lot of back and forth between technicians and the central office. You find they constantly ask for details on the next job.

Secondly, the amount of time spent on each job has an impact too. If technicians take too long, fewer jobs become complete each day. Consequently, this leads to a loss in revenue. Then again, if technicians rush a job, there is a much higher chance of mistakes.

Thirdly, compliance is also essential for fire safety service contractors. We find there are often numerous questions about compliance. In a fire situation, all of the documentation from inspections have the potential to become lost. In addition, you may have trouble with technicians signing the paperwork. This issue is especially an issue if they do so without actually carrying out the inspections!

How Does Field Service Management Software Such As FieldAx Benefit Fire Safety Service Contractors?

We find fire safety service software can eliminate a lot of the common problems discussed above.

A job scheduling system is great! Job scheduling allows technicians to see all of their jobs for the day in one easy-to-navigate list. Technicians can organise these jobs based on the most efficient route. Doing this results in less time between jobs. Also, time tracking tools are incredibly effective. Use time tracking tools to ensure that jobs become complete and not rushed.

Where compliance is concerned, electronic checklists can ensure that technicians don’t miss anything. Electronic copies of any paperwork can also be stored and attached to the specific job. This solution ensures paperwork is easily accessible in the future.

What Is The Alternative Solution? 

So, what happens without using fire safety service software? We find we become reliant on outdated and inefficient resource management solutions. Ultimately technicians find that fewer jobs are complete. They find they waste a lot of time and resources, and the likelihood of mistakes significantly increases. Mistakes then put people’s lives in danger.

Your company needs to use the correct field management software solution! Using FieldAx, you can improve productivity and efficiency. But, most importantly, you will maintain the safety of your customers!


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