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FieldAx - Installed Systems

Service Plans are the contractual agreements that you have with your customers for their installed systems. Any service plan contains the following information to track your service contract:

  • Type and duration of contract: This specifies the type of service plan (e.g., standard, premium, etc.) and the length of time it covers.
  • Pricing Model: This defines how parts are priced during service jobs. Typically, the price of a spare part will be determined by the pricing model associated with the service plan. You can create multiple pricing models and associate them with different service plans.
  • Engineer Assignment: This defines the engineer who will visit the site and perform the service job. You can schedule the engineer’s next visit here.
  • Callout Charges: You can set up callout charges at the service plan level. This way, whenever you schedule a callout job, the invoice will be calculated based on the standard and out-of-hours charges specified in the service plan.
  • Scheduling Policy: You need to define a scheduling policy at the service plan level to ensure that the next job is automatically created whenever the current job is completed.

Create  Service Plans :

1)Clicking ‘New Service Plan’ button on the account:

  • The Required Fields -> Type, Start Date, End Date, Price Modal and Status.

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