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FieldAx - Job Type

  • Job types serve as a crucial guide for your engineers, specifying the tasks to be carried out on-site. Essentially, they define the nature of the work that an engineer is expected to perform for the specified systems. Each job type is linked to the configuration of necessary parts, essential skills, required activities, and inspection steps. Typically set up once, job types are then utilized for various jobs, providing a standardized framework for the tasks to be performed.

    To establish a new job type, follow these steps:

    • Click the ‘New’ button on the ‘Job Type’ tab.
    • On this page, you can create product parts, inspection details, activities, and job skills. Refer to Figure -1 for details.
    • Specify the Job Name, System Name (product), and properties for Certificate PDF files on this page.
    • Dynamically adjust the PDF format for the job sheet by modifying values in the Certificate configuration-related list section.

Edit Job Type :


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