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“ FieldAx is 100% customizable to fit our needs, but just an out of the box solution, it really works! Ability to drag and drop technician schedules. It's all good. No doubt routing will be coming soon. “
FieldAx Customer Warren BidmeadFe
Warren Bidmead
“ FieldAx has allowed us to take a major amount of manual work out of our system and allowing less errors in our work performed on each boat as well as our inventory count for the 1000s of motor yacht parts we manage “
FieldAx Customer Ramon Ferrer
Ramon Ferrer
“ Flexible, easy to adapt and upgrade, and suited our industry very well. Great support, versatile product and a great solution for our team of technicians “
FieldAx Customer joel
Joel Bidmead
“ This is a great, low-cost software that is very user friendly. It's saved hours of time and the customer service and support is second to none! Would definitely recommend this to all who are looking to save valuable time and money. The experience has been very positive - I would definitely recommend. “
FieldAx Customer Seth
Seth Bidmead
Finance Manager
“I have used this Force based software in the Regulation Compliance Service Industry at my last post where I managed the invoice monitoring system resulting in 1500 clients and 70000 sites field management and saving our company alot in a 1 year period in 2016/2017. The cost to client is next to nothing compared to results achievable. This system enabled minimal staff input for maximum results. Proven results. “
FieldAx Customer Arthur
Arthur Pallister