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What people say About FieldAx

  • "The system is so user friendly and adaptable to our needs - we needed to run a vast number of reports to keep tabs on all sorts of data, this was so easily done with the help of their Support Team"
  • "Tracking and managing my contractors helped me save time and get organized better. Improved my management and back office time tremendously."
  • "Solves Time issues. Gives companies the ability to focus on the service and not worry about who is where and where is the invoice etc."

Best Product For Tracking Service Engineers

FieldAx helps organizations to manage work tasks of any kind that need to be performed on location and Manage your Field Service Operations on CLOUD.

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Access Anywhere

FieldAx is not a traditional model application. You can access your data anywhere in the world. Connect your engineers all the time and keep your data up-to-date

Experienced the Pain

FieldAx is brought up by the Pains identified through our real time experience in Field Service Work

On your Familiar Face

Strong proof for Enterprise Apps security is Salesforce. You know salesforce very well. FieldAx adds more beauty for your known face with global field service management. All in one roof

FieldAx Features Highlights

Mobile Compatible

Once the job is received on the device the engineer can keep the office up to date with each status change. As soon as the job is complete they'll also get notified so that they can get on with invoicing. Engineers can enter notes, parts, timesheets and expenses. They can capture photos and signatures. All of this data is returned to the office in real time. Everything is possible in Mobile.

Smart Job Scheduling

Schedule the jobs in Seconds and the scheduler can filter their own jobs and engineers if required. The engineer's diary can be viewed by day, week or month. It's really easy to drag jobs off the outstanding list and into an engineer's day.

Spot Invoice Generation

Engineers can Generate the professional invoices in seconds and even take payment before you leave the site.

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